We all go through rough times in life, and these circumstances will make you or break you! God states many times in the Bible that after every hard coming, there is light. Everything you will face is a test to grow who you are. You go through an immense growth and change when you suffer through severe times. You will be in your head saying how the heck did this happen and why is it happening to you! You will sit here wondering if this is over for you. We all get these thoughts but at the end of al those conversations with yourself, will you say no I will continue and ignore this negativity? No matter what someone says to you or what you say to yourself, you must always end your conversations with “I Will” and “I MUST.” You always mind a way out of no way to create what you need you always see that if you are determined enough that you will find the people, resources, or chances to fix and grow any situation. You can move on from anything like how these guys http:/www.dynamitemover.com/¬†move your stuff to a new place. Continue reading


What do you consider normal? Are you cool with normal? I hope you said no to that question! Normal to you should be greatness! Your standard should be that of gold! Crazy to comprehend or think of? It makes sense if you think about it. If you never settle for less and demand gold out of everything you do, then you will do the work that is required of a gold accomplishment. See what I’m saying? Where you set, yourself is where you will go. What you focus on will expand! These are common rules of the universe. There is nothing to great or too daunting that you won’t take a shot at if it’s worth it to you. Have you ever seen documentaries of crazy accidents like a baby being stuck under a car after an accident has occurred? The mother is alive and sees where her kid is. What happens next? The mother runs over frantically and lifts the vehicle and get her prized possession to a safe place¬†http:/www.dumpyourjunkremovals.com/. Continue reading


In life, most of the success is attributed to being consistent long enough in a particular field. As you persist and get through all the challenges, that is what makes you differ fro the rest doing the same task. That is for sure the truth in the field of sports! If you take Lebron James for instance, in his 2003-2004 season he was able to make history by becoming the first Cleveland Cavalier player to win Rookie of the year. He was also the youngest in history to receive this award. He was hitting an average of 20 points a game which put him in the spotlight with the likes of Jordan and Robertson. In 2004, James had the honor of playing in the Olympic games for the U.S.A. The U.S brought home bronze that year after beating Lithuania Argentia took gold and Italy took silver. That was a great experience for the man, and he returned home to marry his long time girlfriend, and she had brought a son into the world for James. His name is Lebron Jr.
Now King James had his focus back on the NBA. It was now the time for James to explode really on the scene and show the world what he could do. He upped his national average from 22 to 28 points a game. He was the youngest NBA player to ever hit more than 50 points in a single game. All these improvements in his game led him to be selected for the All-Star pick. Little did the world know that he would be selected few years in a row lol. James brought his team to beat the Wizards in the first playoff round. Continue reading

Lebron James


Does anyone on the planet not know who this man is? The protege of the game basketball is an understatement! James is probably one of the only basketball players to skip college level and go directly to the NBA. The level of play he was performing at was way beyond any college program to keep him busy. He was born in Ohio 1984, where he would garnish the most attention at the national level for basketball in the country. Lebron James has a unique combination of basketball IQ, size, athleticism, and vision that would carry him to an NBA contract of $90 million for seven years. The only other basketball players to land deals like this were Magic Johnson and Micheal Jordan in their come up! Everyone was right about this lad who would blow up on the scene. He played a year in Cleaveland and then swapped to the Miami Heat for the 2012 and 2013 season. He brought the Miami Heat to the finals both years, which he had won his first ring in one of those seasons. After this experience, he went back to Cleaveland to rejoin his hometown and bring up their repertoire to golden status again! in 2015 he helped take them to the NBA finals. In his early days, he showed promise and talent in the game of basketball. He was recruited by St.Mary High school in Akron, Ohio. In his freshman, he was averaging 20 points a game and helped the team win a state title by scoring a whopping 26 points in the final match! Continue reading

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